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Glimpses of the School of Life Series

My name is Ivan Figueroa-Otero. I am a retired pediatric surgeon currently licensed and practicing Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. I am also the author of a book series about The School of Life. I want to give you a taste of what my books are all about because I want to promote enrollment for the final test. You see, my books try to teach you the necessary skills to pass this test, which is a requisite to return to our creative source, the Light. The books describe the purpose or objectives of each course, the curricular structure, and the series of readjustments the students must learn to be able to remember where they came from, instead of just learning new data. You'll learn about love, compassion, and all the beautiful things you can enjoy in this journey we call life.

The books help people-students in the School of Life find the beautifully hidden lessons of love that will change their stories and transform them into challenging superhero quests. In this school we are challenged by our classmates and ourselves to initiate timeless voyages through the perilous oceans of our minds, to reach adventurous destinations that make our lives joyful again.

The trilogy texts are simple testimonials of the first lessons that I learned after searching meaninglessly in the outer material portion of my tridimensional reality, only to find them in the inner realms of my spirit-mind. Since then I decided to stop learning and instead focus on remembering my hidden wisdom. It's a little like finding treasure in my backyard. Then there is a bonus book, to introduce the next level of learning.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we heading?

These are the questions that started my quest, and they should guide others to formulate and find their unique answers and not accept the ones I understand as my own. The uniqueness of our creative process requires a specific set of answers for each journey.

The Curriculum

A. Spirituality 101 For The Dropouts Of The School Of Life- This book emphasizes that every failure always results in a learning process, which allows us to restructure our study plan to keep taking the tests unceasingly until we learn the lesson. These tests shouldn't be construed as a punishment from the directors of our universal school, but rather as a loving act of patience and trust in our capacity to pass them. Remember that the dropouts were those who gave up and quit taking their tests.

B. Spirituality 1.2 For The Disconnected From The School Of Life- Here the author addresses younger minds whose daily perspective depends more upon modern technology, which is why we transform the traditional scientific and religious viewpoint into a cybernetic one. In this book we become programmers and cyber domain browsers, varying in personal experiences according to program purity and their degree of corruption. Therefore, the best way to improve our individual browsing experience is by reprogramming, updating our software, and purging our operating systems from all viral invasions. The book presents techniques that facilitate the reprogramming and learning process.

C. Spirituality 103 The Forgiveness Code: Finding The Light In Our Shadows- In level 103 I guide the student to discover new angles to the three questions presented in level 101, and discuss the techniques that help us to effectively wipe out all the guilt, which we have allowed into our learning programs. We could compare these alterations with emotional scars in our mind's mirror, which have not yet healed, suffered while our soul (Warrior of Light) journeyed through the battles on the School of Life. The primary learning experience here is self-forgiveness.

D. Spirituality 104 Lessons of Love From the School of Life- (to be published)- This book is a transition between the first trilogy of books (level 101-103) and the second (201-203.) It will allow current students to review the most important lessons of love before going to the next level and will facilitate the enrollment of new students from other schools so they can join the more advanced students without feeling lost. It is a selection of 52 phrases selected from the first trilogy of books, discussed in detail to review the hidden lessons in each one as weekly exercises. Each quote includes meditative and mindfulness activities.

I invite you to enroll in these life-changing courses. I assure you that after you take them, you will feel happier, more empowered, and that you will understand the meaning of your life.

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